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Tampa Home Buyer Workshop

Home Buyer Workshop

We are not currently offering the Home buyer Workshop but we understand how important it is for you to be educated about the home buyer process so you can feel confident when making decisions about purchasing a home, so we are happy to sit with you to discuss any concerns you may have. We wil gladly review any of the information you see listed below. Please contact us by clicking here.

  • It's a FREE buyer workshop!
  • There's No-Obligation!

Before you start actually looking for the home that you want to buy, you should get educated about the process, learn how to "hire" a Buyer Agent, get a full pre-approval for a mortgage... and then start actually viewing potential homes to buy!

If you want to move into your Tampa Bay area home within the next six to nine months, by far, the best way to jump start your home search is to come to one of our free, no-obligation Home Buyer Workshops!

  • Don't be fearful of buying a home!

Most home buyers are unsure and fearful of where to start, feeling overwhelmed and worried about laying out the largest amount of cash that you've ever invested in one item.

  • Start your home search with confidence!

After our workshop you will feel confident, knowing exactly how to begin your home search and having a clear vision of how the entire home buying process comes together. You'll be provided with handy forms and charts to guide you through a smooth, hassle-free home-buying process.

We know that our workshop will save you time, money and worry, even if you've owned a home before!

Even if you already own a home, itís possible that you bought it before Buyer Agency became a law. Many parts of the home-buying process have changed dramatically during the last few years since disclosure and buyer agency became more common.


Here's what you'll discover at our Home Buyer Workshop:

  • How to best begin your home hunt to save you time, money and worry
  • The critical questions to ask a Realtor before you hire him or her to be your Buyer Agent and represent you for what will likely be the biggest single purchase of your life
  • Get a complete explanation of buyer agency... what is the cost and what they should be doing for you. Also find out why some agents aren't motivated to get you the best price and what you should be wary of when signing a buyer agency contract
  • What happens at a Buyer Consultation and what the pitfalls are if your buyer agent does not take the time to have one with you
  • How to decide how much you can afford to pay for house or condo expenses monthly
  • The specific benefits of filling out a Wish List before you start looking to help you focus on and decide what type of home suits your lifestyle best
  • How to choose the proper home when you're out viewing properties and how you will find out how much to offer to avoid overpaying
  • Why a A Quick Qualifier is not enough to guarantee you can actually get a mortgage... and what you should get instead
  • Zero down payment mortgage options
  • How to avoid buying a money pit and ways to spot the 6 signs that mean expensive, hidden costs
  • Learn how the offer presentation process works... what conditions are in your offer and what $deposit you need when you present your offer
  • What happens at the mortgage consultation... learn what your mortgage options are and how to negotiate the best rate
  • Find out why using the listing agent to represent you is a definite conflict of interest... and may result in you overpaying by several thousands of dollars
  • What does the home inspector do? What important questions should you be asking before hiring one?
  • Once your offer is accepted, what needs to happen next... when do you assemble your down payment?
  • A detailed rundown of closing costs that you can expect to pay.
  • Take home an outline of the home buying process and find out what to expect every step of the way so that there are no surprises or upsets
  • We will show you how to pay off your mortgage in just 10 years without changing your budget and save you up to $thousands of dollars in interest payments during the life of your mortgage.


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