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Buyers Agent Represent YOU!

Buyers Agents represent YOU!

If you were going to court, would you want the Attorney of the person against you to be your attorney too?  Of course not!  That attorney could not represent your best interest if they had to represent your opponent's best interest too.

If you are buying a home, you want to have your own representation...you need your own Buyers Agent!  That's what we do...we represent you and only you!

How can you hire (our services are free) us as your agent?  Just call or email us and say, "I want you to represent me when buying a new home."

As your Buyers Agent, legally called a Single Agency in the state of Florida, we will

  • deal honestly and fairly
  • give you loyalty
  • complete confidentiality
  • handle the transaction exactly how you want
  • fully disclose anything we find out about the seller or property
  • use skill, care, and diligence

Warning! You will compromise your ability to be represented by your own buyers agent if you call the Listing/Sellers Agent about the home.  If you call on the sign to get information, go to an open house, enter the home with the seller, or view the home by appointment with the listing agent, you are giving up your right to have your own representation!

This includes builder models!  Builders like when buyers come in without an agent because they can tell you anything they want and you won't know the difference.  They do not give buyers a better price without an agent.  We know how to get the builder to give you the best price and often we have received special promotions available only when we take you there.

You must call us directly before making contact about the property.

But your thinking..."I just want to peek and not bother an agent"...don't do it!  It's our job to help you find the perfect home.  We are never too busy to assist you even if you are only "window shopping".

We have all of the information you need on every home listed with every real estate company/agent.  All you need is the address or MLS number.  Just give us a call or email and we will provide you everything you need to know about the home.

Play it smart!  Call us today to represent you as your Buyers Agent!


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